About Sahara Club Hong Kong

Every organization is formed to serve society concentrating upon the organized development of community social welfare through coordination of multiple sectors. Sahara Club Hong Kong is also a non-profit organization established in 2012. Sahara Club Hong Kong was established to support Nepalese as well as other communities living in Hong Kong. It also aims at promoting friendship, fellowship and natural understanding between members of the club and local Chinese Communities. As Sahara Club Hong Kong was established with a objective of promoting culture, sports and other activities dedicated to youths, it organizes sports competition and cultural programs regularly. Since Nepalese living in Hong Kong are mainly associated with the club, it organizes programs and community events for helping orphan and elderly people as well as for supporting adult literacy in Nepal. Today’s youths are the future of the world. Thus, Sahara provides opportunities for the all round development of youths, ranging from physical and intellectual development to social and spiritual growth of them. Meanwhile, the club runs programs for elderly as an respect to seniors, a typical feature of Nepalese culture. Any effort by a single organization would not be enough. We have to support each other to achieve the objectives and targets of the organization. Sahara Club Hong Kong also supports other organizations in Hong Kong and Nepal. Sahara Club Hong Kong organized a cultural program called “Sahara Sanjh’ (Sahara Night) in 2013 in Hong Kong. The club raised Rs 1 million. Non Residential Nepali (NRN) Hong Kong President Durga Gurung donated Rs 100,000 while other donors landed their support. With all these efforts, Sahara Club Hong Kong donated Rs 1.2 million (Nepali currency) to Sahara Club of Pokhara in Nepal on October 23, 2013. Sahara Club Pokhara and Sahara Club Hong Kong have the cordial relation and share same nature and objectives. Sahara Club Pokhara has been running its own football academy for orphans besides organizing other football activities in Nepal. Sahara Club Pokhara has its own academy building and a small ground at Dobilla of beautiful Pokhara city. It has also been planning to set up a revolving fund of Rs 20 million to run the academy. The residential academy has been providing football training to 16 orphan children besides providing them education and other facilities. Similarly, Sahara Club Hong Kong organized a soccer training program from July 5 to August 31, 2014. It was a summer activity to encourage children in sporting activities. Likewise, Sahara Club Hong Kong has been supporting Sahara Club Pokhara in organizing annual Aaha ! Rara Gold Cup, a football tournament that has provided a huge stage for young football talents of Nepal. For a couple of times, Sahara Club Hong Kong has been sending its own team to participate in the tournament.